This Code sets out the Standards which the company and  its employees  must practice.


  1. Equality of Treatment: GTW practices and will always provide equal opportunities for Hiring, wages, benefits, promotions based solely on the ability to perform the Job function. We do not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other factors that are not job related.


  1. Wages: GTW will always endeavor to have all wages and dues paid in a timely and orderly manner, Wages will always comply with all local laws and we will always conform to the principle of Fair and honest dealings.


  1. Forced Labor: GTW does not use forced labor or threatening with penalties or punishment. We do not use forced labor, prison labor or bonded labor.


  1. Harassment and Abuse: All our employees will always be treated with respect and dignity. The work environment shall always be free from harassment and abuse of any kind including Physical, verbal, psychological and sexual.


  1. Work Hours: All work hours for labor will always comply with the domestic laws. Overtime is consensual. Every employee is entitled to one day off in seven.


  1. Employment of Children: GTW strongly believes in the right of children to live, learn and grow without work and employment. We do not employ anyone below the age of 18 years. GTW  will always maintain on record proof of age for all employees. All vendors / contractors supplying to GTW need to follow the same Values. All vendors / Suppliers / Contractors to GTW have undertaken in writing that they do not and will not employ anyone below the age of 18 years .     GTW will not hesitate to immediately cease business relationships with persons or companies employing or contracting children below the Age of 18 years.


  1. Employee Health and Safety: GTW will always work to provide high standards of health and Safety for all employed within the company. Details are available with the various department heads within the organization who are also responsible for the implementation.


  1. The Environment: GTW  has the interests of the environment high on its list of priorities. We have effective waste disposal procedures and work to be innovative to ensure that any waste generated by our processes are recycled or are used as inputs in other processes within or outside our company. GTW strongly opposes the use of plastic materials in packaging. All our products as far as possible are sold without or with a minimum of plastic packaging.


  1. Employee Awareness and Training: The GTW code of conduct is prominently displayed within the company . We also provide complete training to all new employees. All training sessions are documented and verified.



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