October 18 2016 Tuesday at 05:11 PM

Most Popular Types of Cotton Fabrics

It goes without saying that cotton is the reigning king when it comes to fabrics. Ask any of the many Clothing Exporters India and you’ll be surprised at just how much the demand for cotton fabrics and garments is in today’s age and just how much it keeps increasing. Apart from the fact that cotton is extremely versatile, it is extremely easy to blend cotton with other fabrics to produce unique fabric blends for different occasions, temperatures or styles.

In this article, we’ve explored the most popular types of cotton fabrics that are taking over the clothing industry.

Canvas – The most striking quality about canvas cotton is that it is extremely durable. Probably the most common use of canvas cloth is in the arts world where it serves as a backdrop for paintings. However, owing to the fact that it is windproof and waterproof to a certain extent, it has found its place among Clothing Manufacturers India, especially when it comes to Jacket factories in India and among those producing sports shoes and so on.

Chino – Chino cotton fabric is a rather durable twill that can be woven in a variety of weights and can have a variety of finishes right from smooth and soft to a more brushed surface. Originally used for their summer uniforms, this fabric gained popularity after the Second World War and is now most popularly used in making the lightweight ‘chino’ pants that are a staple for summer fashion.

Chambray – Also known popularly as cambric or batiste, chambray fabric has a closely woven, firm surface with a mild shine to it. Chambray fabric has a lot of uses in both casual as well as formal fashion. While chambray is used at times in the production of tailored suits or jackets, it can also be used by men’s shirt manufacturers, Kid’s clothing exporters in India as well as sportswear manufacturers in India.

Broadcloth – Now mostly crafted out of cotton and polyester blends, broadcloth is another fabric that is used popularly for all kinds of summer wear. In addition to being soft and lustrous with a firm finish, broadcloth is very easy to drape and has a dressy finish. This fabric is most popularly used to make shirts, dresses and blouses and is very popular among Ladies Dresses Manufacturers India.

Denim – Hands down the sturdiest cotton fabric, denim also holds the title of being the most popular and the most versatile. From jackets to jeans and shirts to dungarees – denim is used everywhere. While many other faux denim fabrics exist today, if it’s not from cotton, it’s not exactly denim!

Flannel – One of the coziest fabrics out there, flannel is known for its medium weight and slightly fuzzy finish. Owing to its cozy, warm and fuzzy undertone, flannel is perfect for winter wear and is most popularly used by baby clothes manufacturers in India and for the manufacturing of winter clothes for men and women, pajamas and even sheets.

Lace – While it may not be a very well-known fact, it is possible to create lace from cotton! While today lace is mostly machine-made, it is not uncommon to find that hand sewn lace is in high demand in certain markets and can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars for a yard! Lace is used for everything from dresses to gown and even tablecloths. However, it has found its way back to mainstream fashion in the last few years.

Moleskin – As the name suggests, moleskin fabric’s most distinguishing quality is that it has a slightly brushed surface that looks like mole fur and is very similar to suede. This cotton fabric can be used for everything from pants, coats to blouses and even dresses. However, the most popular use of moleskin is in the sportswear industry where it is used to make coats, shirts and so on.

Oxford – This type of cotton fabric has a very specific use as it is utilized in the creation of casual to formal dress shirts called Oxford shirts. However, this fabric is also used to make skirts, blouses, dresses and in some cases – even pajamas!