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Cotton Fabric - The King of Men's World!

According to the recent analysis, Cotton has become the world’s most important apparel fiber. Cotton sales over 50% of the fabric throughout the world including mens cotton suits, cotton dress shirts, etc.


Cotton fiber has a long history with man. The popularity of cotton is not just by fluke. It has lasted because its distinctive properties make it ideal for clothing.


Convenience of Cotton Suit

Cotton suits are great alternatives to summer weight wools. Cotton are easily engulfed in Mens wardrobe as they can be easily worn with a tee or shirt and tie. A pair of fabulous dress shoes or fashion sneakers, what ever your style, will finish off this cool summer wardrobe essential.Don't forget that cotton suits offered now are more wordly and it makes them better suited for the office or an evening out in a club. But for a basic wardrobe for men, stick with classic suit fabrics such as best defeated wools.


The Facts

  • Cotton fibers in Menswear vary in length considerably, from half an inch to 2 inches.

  • 56.8% of men will pay more for higher quality clothing

  • 58.7% think natural fibers are best fabric option.


Cotton is used for virtually every type of clothing, from coats and jackets to foundation garments. Most of its apparel usage, however, is for men and boys’ clothing. Cotton supplies over 70% of this market, with jeans, shirts and underwear being major items.


Substantial features of Cotton Fiber

Cotton is divided into two of the most important characteristics, the length of the cotton fiber and its fineness.


  1. Cotton Fiber Length in Menswear - Cotton fibers differ in length considerably, from half an inch to 2 inches. Longer length of cotton cloth associates the higher length, and to achieve this desired state is expensive. It is costly because of two main reasons, firstly it is due to the risk of a longer growth cycle and secondly, due to an increased demand on resources. Long fibers are reserved for high end shirt fabrics and other luxury and so only 3% of the worldwide output is made up by long fibers. Some of the few varieties of this long fibre cotton in Menswear are American Pima, Egyptian, and Sea Island Cottons.

  1. Cotton Fiber Fineness in Menswear - The second most important quality of this king of fabrics is Cotton fiber fineness i.e also known as the fibre's diameter. The irregularities and immature cotton fibers are isolated by High end fabric producers. The immature cotton fibers are less durable due to the fact that tey are 20% thinner than the mature fibers.

The difference between length and fineness, even a truss of quality cotton can lose a huge amount of percentage of it’s fibers to QC. Therefore in quality mens clothing, the cost of high end cotton used can go up significantly.


Properties of Cotton Fiber

  1. Absorbency - Cotton is felt more comfortable in summer season due to its Moisture absorbency. When you workout, cotton absorbs the moisture from your skin allowing it to evaporate through the fabric.

  1. Heat Conduction - Heat passes directly through cotton and thus you have an invincible fibre for making hot weather wearing fabric.

  1. Flexibility - Cotton made fabrics tend to fold and do not clutch their shape properly. This issue can be tackled by treating the fabric specially or taking help with man made fiber to blend it. But in the procees, it can happen that other properties like durability and heat conduction are lost.

  1. Durability - There is no doubt about the durability of cotton as Cotton is very Durable as varied to other fibers like wool or mohair.


Do not forget that when cotton is washed, its strength increases by 30%. Therefore, it might be difficult to iron 100% cotton shirts as its time consuming and requires bit great concentration. Good news is you can be sure that the fabric will remain intact.


Why Ironing so Important? OR Reasons for Ironing Cotton Clothes

  • Resistance to heat damage

The molecular structure of cotton resists heat damage, so ironing is a significant way to get the fabric looking crisp.

  • Durability Issues

Having some durability issues while introduced to acids and bases, Cotton should be deposited clean and dry considering the above properties.

  • Sensitivity

Being highly sensitive to acids, to dodge quickly, a fruit juice stain on your dress shirt should be treated immediately.


Cotton fabric’s properties have made it a staple in menswear for thousands of years. Despite it having drawbacks and losing ground to less expensive synthetic fibers, cotton will continue to be a large part of a man’s wardrobe.


Cotton fabric is attractive, durable, comfortable, takes to dyes, and most importantly has proven itself to be a superior fiber for men’s clothing manufacturing.


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