September 22 2014 Monday at 01:05 PM

Are Indian apparel manufactures overlooking the uniform market? 5 reasons why it should not

It certainly will not be understating to say that majority of the Indian garment manufactures have been sort of overlooking the importance of the uniform garments, particularly in the Indian garment market. Though the demand from the sector has been steadily increasing during the last decade, it is disappointing to learn from the industry exports that there is still a huge gap between demand and supply.


Growing education sector largely and primarily assumes the responsibility of the growing demand.  The demand for the same will be reaching soaring heights looking at the growth rate last year thanks to the emergence of new colleges and schools across the length and breadth of the country.  


What does it mean for the Indian apparel industry?

Indian apparel industry is growing at a rate of 15 percent every year and concentrating more on the uniform sector can fuel the growth further.



Following are some of the key important factors why Indian apparel manufactures can make a fortune concentrating more on the uniform sector.

Growing educational institutions

As days pass, educational institutions have started coming up in the country and the education sector is expected grow further in the next five years exponentially. It is interesting to know that students across the world now started to pursue their education in India, which can act very much in favor for the growing uniform sector in India.

Govt. of India aids the development of the education system by providing uniforms to students through Sarva Shiksha Abhyan campaigns to students and this creates ample of opportunity for local clothing manufacturers considerably.


Emergence of e-commerce sites

The powerful product of internet, e-commerce websites- has opened a new window of opportunity where the apparel manufactures India can directly approach to fulfill the requirements of these e-commerce websites. As more people start to shop online it also opens new opportunity for the uniform sector as well. Catering to the requirements of these e-commerce sites can help the small garment manufacturers in India can get higher rates when doing business with the retailers directly.


Growing business sector

As the manufacturing industry of India grows at an impressive rate, the uniform requirement to the sector gets higher as well. Strategic plans and negotiations can prove healthy to get more contracts and increased business for all the dress manufacturing companies in India.


Promotional clothing requirements

As the India Inc. is poised to race even against the players around the world marketing sphere has now become fiercer than ever. More companies now look forward to create a more personal and deeper level brand loyalty among consumers across many industries. Most of these campaigns concentrate of providing free merchandise and clothing to their end users and catering to the promotional apparel requirements of various companies is in a less explored area in India. This sector can heavily help the apparel and garment makers in India towards greater success.


Approaching small scale industries internationally

If Indian apparel industry can make considerable contribution towards the uniform and promotional clothing requirements of various small scale businesses globally, it would help them to grow globally as well.


These factors if analyzed and thought upon brings in a lot of opportunities to the Indian apparel manufacturing industry. Less-explored or even unexplored areas like these will prove crucial in the long-term life of the Indian clothing manufacturing industry.


At GTW Clothing LLP we have been guilty of neglecting the promotional apparel and uniform market just as other garment exporters from India. This is something we plan to change soon. We should have our uniforms and promotional apparel business doing much stronger in the coming years.

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