April 27 2016 Wednesday at 05:21 PM

Advantages of Manufacturing Apparel in India

The textile and apparel industry is one of the leading segments of the Indian economy and is an industry India is famous for, the world over. There are a number of factors that culminate to making the country the ideal destination for all your apparel manufacturing needs and make it the ideal choice to set up your very own manufacturing unit. We have compiled some of the most interesting features about the industry that highlight the advantages of manufacturing apparel in India -

Technology – While many countries in and around Asia have the opportunity to become the ideal spot for manufacturing, India wins over them all thanks to widespread availability of sophisticated technology. Technology in the manufacturing sector has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Clothing Exporters India have taken to technological advances to reduce time required to produce high-quality product which has made them grow collectively as an Industry. Especially in the case of Men’s printed shirts Manufacturer Mumbai, this has been especially true and the rate at which they have been expanding stands as a testimony of the same.

Talent - Probably one of the best aspects about manufacturing apparel in India is that there is a lot of variety in terms of embroidery, weaving, fabric making as well as within the handloom industry. Locally, there are a number of small communities with specialized talent which is not easily replicated. This gives Clothing Exporters India, an edge because they have the means to expand their product offering with lower investments. To top it off, there is a huge untapped market for such products and simply by choosing to set up shop in India, you could access everything you need to tap into this potential market.

Government Support – It goes without saying that having the laws of the land in favor of your trade pursuits is a very instrumental factor in deciding whether your business would enjoy success. Interestingly enough, the Indian Government is very supportive of those who wish to set up manufacturing units in India. Programs like ‘Make In India’ have proved to be very successful Government initiatives in recent times.

Price – Compared to the West, Asian countries offer you a very competitive price. While there are several options in Asia itself, the fact that Indians in apparel manufacturing offer you higher quality products and invest in building long term business relations make it a much more favorable option. Compared to the Chinese, Shirt Exporter India will not only ensure you the best deal for your money, but also work towards fostering a strong long-term relationship with you.

Transport – The end result of your manufacturing process does not culminate in the finished product. When it comes to apparel manufacturing, transportation of your product to the distributor is considered as the end of your responsibility for most. For this to occur without any undue stress, it is necessary that your transportation options are varied and well-developed. In India, be it airways, waterways or even roadways – there is rapid development taking place and travel/transportation has become easier. All of these are often overlooked, but important aspects in ensuring that your business is successful.

Raw Material – Last, but definitely not the least - India is a world leader in the production of Raw Material for the apparel industry. While that means lower costs and easier availability, it also guarantees you an added edge over competitors. Combined with all the other benefits of the Indian apparel manufacturing industry, the easy availability of high-quality raw material could mean that your business receives an unexpected, yet welcome boost.

Keeping these key advantages in mind, it goes without saying that India is the most suitable destination for apparel manufactures from across the globe. There is untapped potential which is being curated by the Government and which is set to make the Industry grow by leaps and bounds. In conclusion, this is an exciting time for manufacturers of apparel to set up manufacturing units in India.