May 13 2014 Tuesday at 03:41 PM

Going Green – An important target for the Indian apparel exporter

How far are Indian apparel companies in going green?

If you did not know, ‘Greener Clothing’ has been the buzz word in the apparel industries all over the word. Many high-end and mainstream brands internationally have tried to abide by policies and regulations that help them reduce the impact on the environment. Sustainable development is what the apparel brands would like to call them. You might know that wide use of natural resources and redundant production has taken its toll on the environment and hence affecting the bio-diversity of the earth badly. This has deepened the importance of curtailing the damage so far caused and making the world a better place to live for both the present and future generations of every living thing on earth.


Though Indian apparel companies have been green in the past, it is only now that they are making a conscious effort to reduce their Carbon foot print on Earth. It is indeed a great change that Indian apparel industry is moving towards. There are many garment exporters in India, who have been using greener methods for production ever since they were in the field.

Indian companies have been focusing mainly on the two dimensions of going green -


  • Environment sustainability: This refers to the ability to nourish the valued qualities of environment and preservation of the same. This also will include all actions taken to undo any damage that is already caused to the environment.
  • Economic sustainability: It means that the companies will always try to achieve greater economic growth assuring progress in eminence of environment and life on the planet.

    The idea of going green has been in discussions for quite a while now; it is only recently that a serious and all-round involvement from the Fashion world has been on the rise. Indian fashion brands have a major role to play in making a larger session of the fashion industry to go green.

    It is obvious that with large population of young citizens and ever-growing economic power, Indian apparels can be a game changer for the entire fashion world internationally.

    It is advised that the companies concentrate on reducing the damage in three important steps.


  • While designing: An apparel or clothing manufacturer who wants to reduce the damage that they cause to the environment can start going green from the first step of designing. Choosing raw materials with lowest environmental damage for fabrics, packaging and trims can reduce the impact considerably.


  • While manufacturing: Manufacturing process is one of the main processes where a brand can easily save the environment from impacts. Waste disposal and pollutant disposal is the biggest challenge that every manufacturing unit in India faces irrespective of the size of them. Using eco-friendly materials and energy contribute to the company’s efforts to go green.


  • Transportation: Transportation is another challenge that brands have to face while going green. While most of the production houses are away from their market, transporting goods back and forth can significantly cause in GHG emission. If manufacturing units are near the primary market, this issue can be addressed effectively.


Only when greener clothes are available to the large masses of middle-class population of India, can the brands be proud of what they have achieved. Of course, Indian companies are moving at the right direction but we have a long way to go before we can be proud of our achievements in this area.


At GTW Clothing we have moved our factory closer to our fabric centres and our main fabrics that we deal in are mostly cotton based which are more friendly or greener. The factory’s we deal with meet the Air pollution standards and have effective water treatment plants to ensure minimal air and water pollution. Many garment exporters from India are slowly getting more and more conscious of their manufacturing processes and are working for a greener future.